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Specialty Service for Tape Drives, Fiber Channels, and NetQues

Sales, Repairs, and Exchanges of Tape Drives:
DEC™ • Compaq • Quantum • DLT™ • HP™ ™  Exabyte • Seagate • Fujitsu•

Repairs on Fiber Channels, NetQues, and Printservers:
JNI™ • QLogic™ • Emulex

Other Hardware Manufactures We Service:

Adic™ • Archive™ • Cipher™ • Conner™ • Compaq™ • Digital Equipment™ • Fiber Channel™ • IBM™ • Iomga™ • Maxtor™ • Overland Data™ • Pinnacle™ • Travan™ 
• Teac™ • Tandberg™ • Wangdat™ • Western Data™

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StarrWest Solutions specializes in the sales, repair and exchanges of tape drives, as well as the complete line of Emulex products. We sell new and refurbished equipment. We have more than 20 years in experience in the computer related solutions field. Our Motto at StarrWest is " StarrWest Solutions... the solution to all your computer related needs". We specialize in getting you that "hard to find obsolete product".

Hardware Solutions
StarrWest provides many solutions and products for computer maintenance companies, Fortune 500 companies, government installations, banking, credit unions, aerospace, and resellers. With our ability to ship product or advance product the same day, we have helped many customers to eliminate "down time". We guarantee our repairs and we know that you will be satisfied with our work because our customers often compliment us on our fast, high-quality repair services.

Motherbaords for Computers Computer Components Net 2 Router

Hardware Pricing & Repair

We have competitive prices with excellent quality and experienced factory trained technicians to do your repairs and offer technical support should you need it. We are authorized reseller for Emulex Fibre Channel and older "Legacy" products. We do sales, repairs and exchanges on these as well. We carry P2504,P2508,P2516, P4000,P4016,P4032 printservers. NetQues Nq01, NQ03. Fibre Channel LP7000,LP8000, LP9000, LP9002 boards.
StarrWest stands behinds its products by giving you a 6-month warranty on all used or refurbished products. Our dedicated staff is here to answer all of your calls and help with any questions you may have. We believe in customer service here at StarrWest Solutions.
We are members of the Better business bureau, DDA (Digital Dealers Association). We have received the Who's Who award in outstanding female customer service in computer service. We are members of MWBE Minority Women Business Owners Association, and registared with the SBA (Small Business Minoity Woman owned )
SPECIALS THIS WEEK:  Purchase        Exchange        Repair
DLT8000 40/80gb             $1295.00         $1050.00          $250.00
DLT7000  35/70gb              $450.00          $395.00           $225.00
DLT4000  20/40gb              $395.00          $275.00           $150.00
DLT2000  15/30gb              $175.00          $125.00             $85.00
LP9002                              $895.00           $825.00          $450.00
LP8000                              $295.00           $250.00          $150.00
LP7000                              $150.00           $95.00              $85.00

Give us a call and let us begin to help you find "Solutions" for all your computer needs.
Ph:(562) 868-8700 Fax (562) 868-1800

Toll Free  877 4STARRW

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Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday
7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

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